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If you are unemployed this is the program for you !!!

 20hr. Perc Card Training -100% On Line available 24/7. Take the 20 hr. Perc Card Training with Security Guard College and the following program, 5-Star Security Guard Training Program our Stimulus Program is FREE To You, Valued at over, $125.00

The Following Program is our Stimulus Program to all of you looking to become Unarmed Security Officers. This Program is GREAT for individuals Unemployed.

5-Star Security Guard Training Program Below

Benefits of the 5-Star Security Guard Training Program Below. Note: This program is only available when you take the Perc Card Training with Security Guard College.

  1. 100% Online
  2. FREE- 8-Free Additional Unarmed Certifications
  3. Job Assistance
  4. Video Format

Total Cost of the 20 Hour Perc Card Training (State of Illinois Requirement: $70.00).

5-Star Stimulus Program:   FREE

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Unarmed Training Now Available Online

Contact: 1-630-750-1933 

 Cost For above Training $70.00  


Require 20-Hour Security Guard Training Course for PERC Card

The 20- Hour Security Guard Training Course  shall include Security Guard Training online instruction. Online instruction shall include, but not be limited to the following Security Guard Training subject matter: Age requirement 18 years of age or older for Security Guard Training

  • The Professional Security Officer
  • Becoming a Professional Security Officer protecting property
  • Fire prevention and control
  • The Legal Basis for security and rights of the security officers
  • Basic law for the security officer
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Crime and the security officer
  • Control of property and people
  • Collecting and reporting information

All above Security Guard Training materials will be covered in the course outline. 

Train Today------Secure Your Future

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