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 Perc Card Training

Cost: $70.00



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Reasons To Join Security Guard College

 License By The State Of Illinois

10 years in Unarmed Security Guard Training


100% Online Training Program Available Training 24 Hours Per Day 7 Days  Per Week: ( 24x7 )

You Set Your Own Schedule ( Fast or Slow) Program Will Aways Be Available (P.M Or A.M) Set Your Own Time

Free Job Assistance 

Phone Line Assistance

Certification For Unarmed Training Upon Completion



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Great News

We Bring The Classroom To You



  Over 20 years working in the Security Guard Industry and Law Enforcment we have earn the right to be refered to as Security Guard Training Specialist Nationwide.

You're here with us today  for TWO REASONS, Training and Employment Opportunities.  Bills are piling up lets team up and help you move forward with your life. 



   Free Job Assistance Program Available To Everyone Who Participates In Our Perc Card Program



The Elite  Unarmed Training

Online Training Programs

 Lack of Security Guard Experience Holding You Back?


The Best Way To Compensate  for that situation   is get onboard with our new program,  The Elite Security Guard  Security Guard Training 

Security Certifications are very important when interviewing. The more certifications you offer a security company the more valuable you become.

  Anyone Of These  Certification Would Be Of Tremendous Help Listed On Your Resume or Job Application

       Our Security Guard Training School has been considered to be one of the top Security Training Schools in the State of Illinois and Nationwide.

Security Guard College will give to you the Security Guard Training, Security Guard Certification and confidence you need to be successful in the Security Guard Industry. We will supply you with all the materials, instruction, Security Guard Training, strategies and skills that will give you a distinct advantage over all other Security Guard Schools.

Now is the time to Train Today with the most Qualified Security Guard Training School and Secure Your Future as a Unarmed  Security Guard.

 Make a commitment today and earn your PERC Card and many other  Security Guard Certifications you would be PROUD TO HAVE EARNED.

     Phone # 630-750-1933

Train  Today  Secure  Your  Future



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