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Introduction To Security Guard Training

Generally speaking, a security guard's job is to protect property from vandalism, fire, theft and other forms of illegal activity. They usually do this by patrolling an indoor or outdoor location, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity, and using radio communication to contact law enforcement, fire or medical personnel when needed. They are also called upon to protect people. Security guards work in a wide variety of settings, large and small. They can be hired to watch over museums, office buildings, department stores, shopping centers, theatres, airports, colleges, public parks and a number of other locations.

Security Guard Training Job Skills and Duties 

Security guards must have strong observational skills, as they are asked to always be vigilant. Some settings require guards to watch a series of monitors from a single location within a building for anything out of the ordinary, with only occasionally having to patrol the area. Other security positions require a constant foot patrol. Working professionals who guard areas such as shopping mall parking lots or public parks, often do their patrols in vehicles. Security guards can work any time of the day, protecting people as well as property during the day and at night.

Security Guard Training Education Required

There is no specific educational requirement to be a security guard.  Most security guard positions will offer some kind on on-the-job training. Those who are hired as armed guards usually receive more rigorous training. The amount and complexity of training, otherwise, depends on the setting in which they will be working. Guards must be a minimum of 18 years of age and be licensed in order to work in most states. Further certification may be necessary depending on the type of security job. Guards can receive training in emergency procedures, property rights, detention of criminal suspects, report writing, public relations and other subjects. Separate licensing is also required for positions that involve carrying a weapon. A background check and drug testing is a another common requirement among employers.

Well Known Jobs Within this Field of Expertise

Security guard positions can vary in their level of difficulty and responsibility, and even their level of danger. Night security guards will deal very little with people, working by themselves or maybe with a couple of associates. Security guards who work in banks, armored cars or other establishments where the exchange of money is involved have to be more aware and are usually armed.


 Job Assistance

 How Important Is The Interview


A job interview enables a company to learn more about an applicant, while the candidate has the opportunity to become familiar with the demands of a given position. The process allows both parties to exchange information, ask questions and evaluate the potential for establishing a professional working relationship. Both parties have an opportunity to get a “feel” for one another other and determine if the chemistry is right.


After graduation of the Security Training Program we can discuss Job Placement Opportunities.



Interviewing Techniques That Will Help You Land That Security Job


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Security guards perform an important duty, as they are asked to protect property, money and people. The level of security involved will depend on the type of protection and on the items or people being protected. In most cases,  a high school diploma is not required for employment, but there is still much training involved.

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