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The Elite Security Officers often function in a management role. They are responsible for an overall security operation. To fulfill their duties, they will assign duties and tasks for Security Guards to carry out.

Since more responsibility falls to the Elite Security Officer, they’re regarded as security professionals; security is a career to them. They’re expected to have a wide range of experience. From their experience ,Elite Security Officers must exercise far more independent judgement than a Guard.

Many times, their duties will include training Guards. Having experience in the field, and knowing the scope of work needed, they can train Guards to fit seamlessly within the overall security operation. In addition to training and managing Guards, Elite Security Officers are responsible for the smooth operation of security work at a location.

Rather than working one post,The Eite Security Officer duties call for them to be mobile. Officers will rotate through various security stations or checkpoints, checking in and assessing the status of the entire area. Fulfilling this role of security management requires experience, judgement, and tact.

With these greater responsibilities come greater pay and opportunity. A Elite Security Officer is retained with an expectation that they will take ownership of the entire scope of operation.



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This Certified Online Program was designed to be 100% Online.  exciting security content , covering Certifications which will be a tremendous benefit to the security guard officer looking to enter into Security Guard Unarmed Training, Management Position a Law Enforcement Training Program or a School Enrollment Program.

One of the primary motivation for  creating this   Online Program was to present to the Public and Security Industry a more Educated, Confident, Motivated and Promotionable Security Office, the security industry and public  so desperately needs in these difficult times.

Imagine  Interviewing for a Security Positions -School or Law Enforcement Training Program and  presenting all these Highly Acclaimed Certifications.  What do you think the outcome will Be!!!!!!!


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