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Chicago Unarmed Training Frequently Asked Questions

Unarmed Security Officer Training Course

Frequently Asked Questions…

About Becoming A Unarmed Security Officer

Q: What are the steps I need to follow to become a Security Officer?

A: Here is the process, in order, step-by-step.


1. The first thing you need to do, is take the 20 Hour  (Unarmed) Course.        Upon completion of the course, you will receive a “Certificate of Course Completion”, and a State of Illinois approved document certifying that you have taken the course, that you need to make a copy of. 

2. Once you complete the 20 Hour  (Unarmed) Course, you then need to undergo a “live fingerprint scan”. A company called “Biometric Impressions, Inc. ”   .

3. Once you have completed the live scan fingerprint process, the technician will give you a numbered receipt. You need to keep this, and make a copy. The initial fingerprint scan results (clear/not clear) will be available within a matter of days after the scan, 

4. Complete the Permanent Employee Registration Card (PERC) application, enclosing a color photograph, a copy of your course certificate, the copy of the live scan fingerprint receipt, and a check or money order  made out to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, and mail to the address in Springfield, IL.

5. Once your completed PERC application is in the mail (keep a copy for yourself), and your fingerprints have cleared (usually in 48 hours) you may begin working as an unarmed security officer.

Q: I want to be an Armed Security Guard. Do I still need to the 20 Hour  (Unarmed) Training Course?

A: Yes, you do. All contracted armed security officers must first take and successfully complete, the 20 Hour Basic (Unarmed) Class, and then, if they wish to work as an armed security officer, they can later take the 20 Hour Armed Security Course. If a student wishes, they can take both the 20 Hour  (Unarmed) Course and the 20 Hour Armed Security Course in the same week, and get all required training completed.

Q: Okay, When do you hold the 20 Hour Unarmed Basic Course?

A: This course is held every week.

Q: Can I start working after I complete the unarmed course?

A: Once you successfully complete the Unarmed course, obtain your live fingerprint scan, and send in your completed application and fee to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, you may immediately begin working for a licensed Security Agency, as long as your fingerprints clear.

Q: How do I register for the 20 Hour  (Unarmed) Course?

A: Fill out the Registration Page and submit and then make your Down Payment To Security Guard Licensing Group.

Q: Should I buy a firearm now?

A: No, you should take the 20 Hour Basic Unarmed Class and the 20 Hour Armed Course first, complete and submit your completed PERC application, and obtain work first. It is the decision of the Security Agency as to which of its officers it selects to work in an armed capacity.

Q: What is the 20 Hour Unarmed Basic Course all about?

A: The 20 Hour  (Unarmed) Course instructs students about federal and state constitutions and criminal law, criminal procedure, fire safety, arrest search and seizure, use of force, report writing, anti-terrorism tactics, violence in the workplace, hazardous materials, and much more.

Q: Is there a written test at the end of the unarmed class?

A: Yes there is, You must achieve a score of no less than 75% in order to pass the course, per state law. You must have a good command of the English language, and be able to read and understand English in order to do well in the course.

Q: How old do I have to be to be a Unarmed  Security Officer?

A: To be an unarmed security officer, you must be at least 18 years of age. To be an armed security officer, you must be at least 21 years of age.

Q: What types of payments do you take?

A: We accept payments online here, by credit card/debit card.

Q: Do you get me a security job after I have completed the 20 Hour Basic Course?

A: No. We have a referral service, where we send our 20 Hour  Course graduates to specific security companies and businesses currently hiring security officers, who have asked us to send them qualified candidates. The referral service is totally dependent upon those companies and their needs.

Q: Can I carry pepper spray or a police baton after taking the class?

A: Defensive tools, such as “pepper spray”, “police batons”, TASERs, handcuffs and other such defensive tools may only be carried when:


1. You have been hired by a security agency or department, and;

2. That security agency or security department authorizes you to do so.


In addition, you should only carry defensive tools that you have first received certified training for. Security Guard Licensing Group provides certified training for these and other defensive tools.

Q: How long does it take to get your PERC Card?

A: It can take 6 to 8 weeks to receive your Permanent Employee Registration Card, as IDPR is several weeks behind in processing paperwork. However, you can work in security while you wait for your PERC Card, as long as you have completed the 20 Hour Basic Unarmed Course, have completed the Liver Fingerprint Scan and have your receipt, and have sent your completed “PERC Application” (which we will provide to you, and help you complete) and a fee of $ 55.00 to the State of Illinois.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to class?

A: Bring the balance due of the tuition (or full tuition if registering in person), a State ID Card or Driver’s License, and an open mind. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to bend, turn and move around easily. Private parking is available in the parking lot next to the building free of charge, and there are places to eat, including McDonald’s within two blocks of the Academy.

Q: What if I take the final exam and fail?

A.: You will have the opportunity to retake the final exam at a later date. A processing fee of $ 30.00 will be accessed for each attempt

Any additional questions call the office 630-750-1933


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