Introductory Online 20 Hour  Unarmed Training

 Security Guard College Is The First Security Guard Training School Teaching This Program In The State Of Illinios.

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Excellent Class To Gain Your Unarmed  Security Guard Training.


The Security Guard Training  Online Program  will introduce the exciting world of Security  using a Security Guard Training video format. These 5 videos, will introduce various Security Guard Training subjects.


 There will be  a quiz of 10 true or false questions after each Security Guard Training video  and the final examination. 

If you pay attention to the Security Guard Training videos you should have no program passing this supplemental course. 

Course Overview (5 Videos )

Introduction To Security Guard Training

  • How to act as a deterrent while patrolling
  • What security officer’s purpose is
  • How to reduce liability
  • Legal authority limitations
  • Courtesy and honesty
  • The observe and report requirements
  • Time and attendance
  • The do’s and don’t of a security officer
  • And much more

Introduction To Patrolling I & II Of Security Guard Training

  • The purpose of Patrolling
  • How to handle emergencies
  • How to report incidents and situations Answering the telephone
  • Patrolling techniques
  • Inside and outside patrolling and the differences
  • And many more

Arrest Techniques Of Security Guard Training

  • Felonies and misdemeanors
  • Overview of legal authority
  • What constitutes and arrest
  • When is an arrest legal or illegal
  • What is a citizen arrest
  • Questioning a suspect
  • Searching procedures
  • And many more

Report Writing Reports Of Security Guard Training

  • Note taking
  • The purpose of the report
  • Types of reports
  • Accountability in reports
  • Reports and litigations
  • Using reports to testify
  • Daily report
  • Incident report


Our promise to you “No One Will Be Left Behind.”


Note: To access the online program you will have to pay $55.00 using a Debt or Credit Card see link below. 

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 Make certain you click onto the Register for "20 Hour State Of Illinois Unarmed Program" Link Below.  With out that information your Unarmed Certification will not be completed and you will not receive your Unarmed Certification until the Registration Page is filled out and completed.  This is your responsibility!!!!


 Please Follow these steps:


  1. Register for "20 Hour State Of Illinois Unarmed Program"
  2. Create an account & log on to the "State Of Illinois 20 Hour Certified Unarmed Online Program" Course Page
  3. Make payment to enter the course.


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